Weecards A Solution For Small Businesses

We know for small businesses it can be extremely difficult to make competition with the supermarkets, even the upcoming shopping malls. People nowadays also start shopping more and more online, e-commerce and m-commerce, mobile phone shopping, is the shopping of the future.

How can a small store owners in your local area survive?

Now there is Wee. Through the simple WeeApp and for the merchant the WeePOS App a merchant can register his/her clients to the Wee System and earn from those clients even if they never buy anything in his/her store. Wee pays a percentage commission on every purchase at WeePartners anywhere in the world.

Therefore it is a huge advantage for a small merchant to get his/her own personally designed Weecards and to hand these to the clients or to any visitor to his/her business.

There are already many pioneers who have ordered their Weecards, of whom you can find a few examples below.

To get your own cards, contact me or register at http://weezine.info/microjobber the Merchant signup at the bottom of the page.




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