Why Wee is my number #1

Wee is active in over 25 countries with millions of customers using our WeeApp and/or Weecards in ten of thousands of offline shops, restaurants, hotels etc and almost 1000 online shops of worldwide brands with millions of products and services.

Based on studies the yearly worldwide amount of smartphone transactions is estimated to become up to 120 trillion dollar by the year 2020.

This is why since the year 2012 I have dedicated my entire promotion to Wee. The Wee network of affiliated businesses is growing day by day and we estimate having a worldwide network by the year 2018 already. Though you may not see many in the country you are living in now, for sure the time will come you will see Wee logos at every corner of every street.

Have a look at the Weeconomy website and click on Find Online Shops or Find Local Shops and see how many partners are already a member of Wee and are giving discounts on all of their products exclusively for WeeMembers. Perhaps there is even a baker or fitness center in your city there.

Take your chance as a WeeMember and recommend your favorite store or restaurant in your backoffice to become a WeePartner. When they signup, you as a Weejobber, will get a share of the cashback on all purchases made in their store. Plus, you may be asked to make an online catalogue of all their products right in your backoffice and earn on it.

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