Wee the new marketplace

The Countdown has started. In only 6 days and a few hours the new Wee 2.0 platform will be launched. There is nothing more delightful for network marketers than the time before a new launch. The special characteristic of this launch is actually that in 13 European countries, there will be an Exit Network launch. That means, try to get as many new people in your team as possible before the launch on 1 October, because after this date the Media Team Member packages won’t be available anymore and your only focus should be on attracting new customers and connecting shops, restaurants, hotels in your neighborhood. Of course, new markets will still be opening, like Asia, North and South America, Africa and Russia, so there is a lot more work to be done.

Yesterday I got this new video in my Youtube reminders. It is a video which explains the concept of Wee in very clear terms. Enjoy watching and if you feel inspired, don’t hesitate to contact me.

The new Wee website is at *****Wee.com******

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