Latest updates on Wee 2.0

So there wee go! The update to Wee 2.0 is upon us. Be aware that on 21 Nov till 23 Nov the old websites of and will be taken offline to transfer all data to the new website at This means you will not be able to login to your account both for customers and for merchant using the discount system. Then, from the 23rd of Nov you will be logging in at the new site and keep your same username and password.

The new site will merge weeconomy and yubyyu and have all online shops as well as our membership account in one site! Also the WeeApp will be updated and have a simpler outlook and functionality.

As for the TV and internet advertising campaign, here are the dates of releases:
– November will see international messages and public relations with the announcement of the first TV spot
– November also has a market study for the preparation of the TV spot production
– 5 Dec: TV spots ready for TV
– 7 Dec: TV spots ready for social media channels
– 9 Dec: start collaboration with Focus Online for 3 months
– 18 Dec: start international campaign on TV
– 23 Dec: start Swiss TV campaign

As for incentives for sales partners, you can still start earning a passive income by buying a Media Team Member package until 31 Dec for most European countries on the mainland. Of course, other parts of the world like India, the US and Russia are still in full development, so as a sales partner you have plenty of opportunity to build your international team.

Watch and listen all info in this recorded webinar video.

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