How It Works

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During this time of globalization, you can inspire members in different cities to check out Weeconomy and get benefits for yourself at the same time. As a member of Wee, instead of a non-monetary bonus, you get a Wee cashback through the WeeApp automatically, which you can redeem to your bank account at any time in the form of cash or Gold. In our community, for every additional member you refer with your WeeApp, you receive a partial cashback.

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Become a WeeConsultant and build your career with Wee!

For a limited time you can still become a WeeConsultant like me and get a license to add stores, restaurants, hotels etc to the Weeconomy. As a WeeConsultant you earn an additional percentage on all purchases in the businesses referred by you, plus on all the purchases members who joined through these businesses, and more. Your potential of earning is actually unlimited. Register as a WeeConsultant here and click the link ‘Register Now’ at the website that opens. Then choose your country from the map and complete the form. Unlike the free member, this license is not free, but it is well worth the money.

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Add your own online store and reach millions of new customers!


Add your physical store or restaurant and register as a Merchant signup! Scroll down to the bottom of the website for the Merchant signup.